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We LOVE the PostUCare™ 3 in 1 walker! Exceptional quality, sturdiness and keeps our baby entertained. The support of our baby’s posture is clearly visible which separates it from some similar walkers on the market. Our baby and us would highly recommend this product.

- René


Medical Professional Review

"The innovative design of the Postucare™ Baby Seat is most encouraging. Much consideration has gone into a design complimenting the development of a baby, especially regarding the postural development of the spine and pelvic structure. All round support for the baby is essential in preventing various forms of slouching and discomfort.


As the twig is bent, so grows the tree…"

– Dr. REG Engelbrecht, Chiropractor

Allied Health Professionals Review


“What I appreciate most about the PostUCare Baby seat is the following: The baby is mainly in a sturdy seating position and not just hanging. This allows time to play whilst sitting in a properly supported position which still allows for free movement while adjusting his/her own balance and working the relevant muscles. The baby can reach out for toys and move back and sitting upright, training his own sitting balance without the risk of falling through an oversized leg hole. As the baby gets out of the sitting position into standing the baby can stand with his feet flat on the floor which can discourage toe walking often seen when babies are hanging in a walking ring. Hanging leaves babies in a position between sitting and standing where full weight bearing on the hips is not encouraged. Tight hip abductors are also a concern for babies spending a lot of time in walking rings that affects their posture, balance, and coordination. Due to the much more adequate groin support of PostUcare baby’s legs are not forced into an over abduction, making tight abductors less of a problem.”

– Physiotherapist

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