About PostUCare

PostUCare offers an informed, baby-centered product line focusing on healthy postural development and hip support in babies. PostUCare™ seeks to address the shortcomings of some traditional baby seating products. The unique seating design by PostUCare™ products intentionally target healthy postural development and hip support during the formative stage of infant development (±4-12 months). Concurrently, PostUCare™ seeks to empower parents and caregivers with practical knowledge of healthy postural development and hip safety as well as other milestone and developmental information. We also believe in delivering excellent customer service and providing relevant information through various multi-media platforms specifically for parents and caretakers.


The PostUCare™ 3-in-1 Baby walker has the first patented Ergonomic and Posture benefiting baby seat. Proper back and hip support prevent slouching and encourages upright posture. Proper support at the buttocks prevents the baby from hanging from the groin and is safer for the hips. The baby is properly supported, encouraging them to actively play with the activity console while comfortably moving between a sitting and standing position.

Differences in baby sizes are accommodated by an adjustable insert in the PostUCare™ baby seat. The PostUCare™ 3-in-1 Baby walker has multiple functions where the walker can be used as a walker, a push along walker, rocker or activity centre.