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What is different about the PostUcare 3-in-1 Baby walker?
The PostUcare baby seat is the first patented Ergonomic and Posture benefiting baby seat. For better comfort and Support.
The seat encourages good postural habits and development.
Proper back and hip support may reduce slouching and encourage upright posture.
Proper support at the buttocks prevents the baby from hanging by the groin and is safe for hips.
The baby is properly supported, encouraging them to actively play with the activity console while comfortably moving between a sitting and standing position.
Differences in baby sizes are accommodated by an adjustable insert in the PostUcare baby seat.
Multiple functions where the walker can be used as a walker, a push along walker, rocker, or activity center. The PostUcare 3-in-1 is fitted with Rubber coated crystal rolling wheels for smooth walking
Six European standard brake pads
Detachable footrest pad to use as a stationary activity center, and when configured as a rocker
Base easily converts to rocker
Electronic activity console with lights and music to entertain baby
Folds flat for easy storage

The PostUCare™ 3-in-1 Baby Walker

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